Sign the Declaration by Posting Here

If you would like to email us we can be reached at the following address:

p.s. Don’t forget to replace the letters AT with the proper character in the email address.

13 Responses to Sign the Declaration by Posting Here

  1. Richard C. Moffit Jr. says:

    How do I sign the petition?

    • RONALD E SCHENK says:

      How do I sign petition?

    • Al Scheuplein says:

      I enjoyed our conversation Monday – perhaps we could come up with a logo of with several of New York State`s 1776 signers of the Declaration of Independance sawing Atlanto-Hudsonian New York ie NYC, Nassau, Suffolk , Westchester,Orange and Rockland counties AWAY the American mainland and towing across the Atlantic Ocean in the direction of the former Soviet Union.
      Perhaps we could use images of William Floyd, Phillip Livingston,Francis Lewis,and Lewis Morris (in colonial clothing,of course) employing chainsaws with an image of a pleased George Washington giving them his blessing.
      I cannot think of anything that would be as effective in causing Liberals to foam at the mouth, contort Liberal faces to contort with rage, and perhaps even raise some Liberal`s blood pressures to catastrophic levels.( Picture me grinning like the Chesire Cat!)

  2. Cynthia Learn says:

    where do you sign the Declaration of Separation……read newspaper article ….said to go to this site and sign….got to site….no place to sign…if you want signatures you need to make it a little easier… parents couldn’t find where to sign either …I agree and so do they….please show us where to sign…like sign here…thank you

  3. Amanda Roll says:

    Where do we sign up sounds like a great idea

  4. frank says:

    Where do I sign. Hows’ this going to work if people don’t know where or how to sign

  5. Brock Carlson says:

    I must sign this! Where?

  6. Jordan & Jodi Aiken says:

    Thank GOD someone is thinking in this state!! Taxes (property and school, and other fees to support NYC and UNDESERVING Medicaid recipients) are driving out the decent, law-abiding, tax paying citizens by making it impossible to continue to reside in NY and make a living in this state. We are WEARY of the various law enforcement agencies acting primarily as a revenue source for the state in addition to taxes. We want out. Example: Outdoor wood boilers that do not impact neighboring properties or highways, being regulated to the point of lunacy. Who voted that we must purchase a Small Game license as a requirement to obtain a Big Game license?? These are just a two examples… Who votes on these issues? Our so-called Representatives? Why is it illegal to leave our vehicle running in the driveway with keys in it, unattended to warm the engine before driving to work? This makes absolutely NO SENSE for rural residents. It’s called REVENUE. We could go on & on & on. WHERE DO WE SIGN?????

  7. Jordan & Jodi Aiken says:

    A little to add from previous, do we really appreciate our atrocious roads. What are we getting for our hardearned tax dollars? Does everyone know our wonderful DEC. has removed our perogative to feed birds in the summer because of a percieved bear problem? You can be cited for it! How can we achieve a separate state? What can i do to further this worthwhile effort?

  8. Al Scheuplein says:

    PS. _ I too want to sign the Declaration.

  9. Jim Fincher says:

    Your website asks us to sign the declaration of Separation, but has no place to do so. Either this is a joke or your web master leaves something to be desired. i hope it si not a joke because I believe in your premise.

    • admin says:

      I am sorry…..I should change the declartion and ask people to leave comments instead of signing…

      I accept responsibility and hope you will encourage people to leave comments. Please don’t lose sight of the message and continue to leave messages.

      Joe Roosa

  10. Pattie says:

    I really think that this needs to be addressed soon. New York is getting out of hand with their liberal agenda especially the safe act. Thank you.

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